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Mezz vs. Pref™ Mezzanine Finance ($497)
eManual and Video Series – Delivered Digitally

  • Mezz Finance Overview
  • The Intercreditor Agreement
  • The Collateral: What is it?
  • Security and Default Provisions
  • Basic Types of Collateral
  • Mezz Risk Reward Continuum
  • Mezz Finance vs Equity Financing

Preferred Equity Finance ($497)
eManual and Video Series – Delivered Digitally

  • Types of Sponsor Equity: Hard, Market, Syndicated
  • Reasons to Do Deals without a lot of Hard Equity
  • Equity Investment Analysis: IRRs, Whole Dollar, Dividend vs. Terminal Value Cash Flow
  • Defaults and the Equity Investor: LPs vs. GPs
  • Preferred Equity
  • Mezzanine vs. Preferred Financing

Fast Action Bonuses:

  • Full Capital Stack Excel Model ($2,000 Value)





Note: Instructional how to video for this model to be delivered on or around February 9th.
Model will be immediately available for instant download at the time of purchase.

Corresponding Blueprints

  • Real Estate Capital Structure Infographic
  • JV Equity Profit Waterfall Infographic
  • A-B Note Structures vs First Trust Deed and Mezz

Infographic Trio


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